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本人非常榮幸成為本市民選的審計長,有機會為市民服務及提供報告。本人將致力 為屋崙(奧克蘭)市納稅人服務,使一切作業透明化、建立責任機制,並做到取信於民。

身為市民監督人,我的職責就是直接針對市政府績效提出問題,讓市民清楚了解哪 些施政有績效,哪些施政有缺失。以確保使用對市民最有利的方式來運用所有稅收,這也是本辦事處的首要任務。



Brenda D. Roberts


Audit of Parking Citation Void Process

The audit found that the City of Oakland is foregoing a substantial amount of parking citation revenue and incurring unnecessary processing expenses due to a lack of management oversight, outdated policies and procedures, inadequate training of staff and underutilization of technology and equipment. Read the full report here.

Audit of OFD's Vegetation Inspection 2nd Follow-Up

The objective of this audit was to determine if substantive actions have been taken to close recommendations 1, 5 and 7 from the first follow-up of the initial 2013 Vegetation Inspection Audit Report. To read the full report, click here.

Audit of OPD 9-1-1 Call Operations

 The objective was to evaluate the efficiency and timeliness of police emergency call answering. The audit found that calls were not answered within industry standards, Dispatcher and Operator positions remain unfilled, compensation is not competitive with local jurisdictions, staff performance appraisals were inconsistent, and recruiting, hiring and training took between 12 to 20 months. To read the full report click here.


Fraud Waste + Abuse Report Volume 7

Details the Fraud, Waste + Abuse Prevention Program's activities for 2013... read report here.


Ethical Climate Survey

Oakland's Ethical Climate Survey asks employees, "Do you think Oakland fosters an ethical work environment?" Click here to read the 2014 results.

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Peer Review of Oakland's Office of the City Auditor

Independent peer review team finds Oakland's Office of the City Auditor meets the highest standard in government performance auditing ... read more.