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Independent City Auditor. Reporting Directly to the Residents.


Serving Oakland With Integrity.


Builds Trust. Strengthens City Government.


Valuing Our Community.


Working Together. For a Better Future.

Courtney Ruby, City Auditor

Independent City Auditor.
Serving Oakland With Integrity.

The City Auditor works for, and reports to, the residents of Oakland. The Auditor is responsible for keeping Oakland government transparent and accountable by conducting performance and financial audits of City departments and ballot measures. To make sure this work is done objectively and without bias, the Auditor is not connected to any other City department and has no day-to-day financial or accounting duties in/for the City of Oakland.

What We Do

Like you, we love Oakland and desire a responsible City government that uses your funds wisely! So, we independently investigate the areas of our City government most vulnerable to fraud, waste, and abuse. We communicate to the public the results of our investigations through audit reports containing recommendations for a more effective and efficient government. These recommendations are passed on to City Council and City Management so they can improve City operations and services provided to you.

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Whistleblower Program

This confidential hotline is for employees or residents to report fraud, waste, and abuse in the City of Oakland. Available 24/7. Learn More.

Our Work

Audit Reports & More

The City Auditor performs audits or reviews to ensure the City is operating efficiently and effectively. Learn more about our work. Learn More.

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